In a generation with alarming principles, Sara Castellanos has become a voice for the Christian youth, a voice that does not back down under pressure. At just 24 years old, she has become one of the most recognized youth pastors in South America and around the world, but it is really her character that defines her. She leads with her example everywhere she goes and sets the standard for living as a young person. She believes in living for God 100% and in following Jesus the way He commanded, surrendering completely in the most genuine way.

She is Pastor Cesar Castellanos’ youngest daughter and has faithfully followed her father’s steps. From an early age, Sara decided to be a person of faith, and it is that faith that has marked her path.

In 2015, Sara began one of the greatest journeys as she walked down the altar to marry her husband, Lau. This relationship has also been an example to youth everywhere. They now live in Brazil, where they are building a passionate youth ministry in the city of Brasilia. She is currently finishing her career in Government and Theology in Regent University.

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